Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Links and Pictures

The following is the address for the de Grummond Children's Literature Collection.
Last week I worked with the H.A. & Margret Rey Collection quite a bit, so I'm posting some pictures from the digital collection. The Rey collection is found online at
This is a panda gripper pet which H.A. Rey invented. It was one of the pieces which I had to replace in its folder.
Assembled panda rivet toy ("Gripper Pet"); undated
The next picture is a photograph Margret took on a beach in Brazil. When we were trying to put it back in its folder, we found that it was in the wrong place. Through some detective work involving the finding aids for the collection and a copy of a magazine, we managed to find the proper place for it and the others from that and the next folder.
Beach Umbrellas, matted black and white photograph; Undated

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